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Reading: Paraumbilical hernia: an accompaniment of obesity


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Paraumbilical hernia: an accompaniment of obesity


Sittampalam Rajendra

Teaching Hospital Jaffna, LK
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Background Inguinal hernia, paraumbilical hernia and incisional hernias are common abdominal wall hernias commonly encountered in surgical practice. Smoking, straining during micturition and / or defaecation, heavy manual work, chronic obstructive airway disease and obesity are some of the recognized predisposing factors for abdominal wall hernias in adults. Objective The aim of the study is to analyse prevalence of the common risk factors of abdominal hernias among adults of both genders. Methodology This is an institutional based cross sectional analytic study carried out in adult patients with abdominal hernias registered at a surgical clinic, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, from January 2018 to December 2020. Interviewer administered questionnaire was used to collect the data from the patients. Data was analyzed by Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 21. P value <0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results Among the 218 patients, 119 patients (54.6%) had inguinal hernia, 80 (36.7%) had paraumbilical hernia and 19 (8.7%) had incisional hernia. 36 (16.5%) patients did not have any of the predisposing factors whereas 80 (36.7%) patients had single risk factor and remaining patients had multiple risk factors. 58 (26.6%) had the habit of smoking. 43 patients (19.8%) gave a history of straining during defecation and / or micturition and 49 patients (22.5%) suffered from chronic obstructive airway diseases. 98 patients (45.0%) were heavy manual workers and 98 (45.0%) were obese. Conclusion Prevalence of risk factors in each type of abdominal wall hernias varies. Statistically significant associations were noted between heavy manual work and inguinal hernia and also between obesity and paraumbilical hernia.
How to Cite: Rajendra S. Paraumbilical hernia: an accompaniment of obesity. Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery. 2021;39(3):3–8.
Published on 30 Nov 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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